Apr 22

Todd and Penguin

There is a certain gentle simplicity that shows with Todd and Penguin, something found in far too few comics these days. I will admit, one of the first things I thought of was “Bloom County” though Penguin is far more child-like and naive than Opus ever was. I quickly realized that instead, this comic was more kin to Ozy and Millie or Alice. It’s about imagination and friendship and the delightful curiosity of children, be they human or penguin or young fox girls. Continue reading

Apr 20


Every so often a comic comes along that just blurs the lines of reality and insanity. Framed!!! was quite good at this, with its story sneaking up on the reader and then pouncing like a big slobbering puppy dog all happy to meet you. Alice also worked well with this, merging the innocent fantasies of a 13 year old girl with the mundane and boring world around her. Narbonic walked down the path of science and turned it crazy and sexy with Helen Narbon and her zany crew. And then… there is Girly. Continue reading

Apr 19


Alice is among the second wave of comics I started reading (the first being CotC and CRfH), and it was thanks to CotC that I was introduced to it. Still, when I first started reading it, it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. I didn’t succumb quickly to reading dozens of web comics until several years in. (And considering I started back in 2000… well I had the opportunity to start reading quite a few comics from the ground floor. I still don’t know why I resisted so long…) It took me half a year or so before I succumbed and started reading all of the strips (after work on company computers to utilize that high speed internet) And it was good. Damn good. But after a bit, updates got intermittent. Michael McKay-Fleming tried different formats for the comic and it just didn’t work. And finally Alice went onto hiatus, tried to pull itself out of hiatus, and floundered back into it. Continue reading