Apr 21

Cheshire Grin

Cheshire Grin is an interesting comic, a combination of fantasy and reality merged together seamlessly. On the one hand we have the main characters, an eclectic collection of gaming geeks (and one babe!) (hey, I’m a gaming geek, I think I have every right to refer to us as gaming geeks.) who use the game as a reason to gather together. Really, when you get down to it, isn’t that what gaming is about? You get together with your friends and have fun. Continue reading

Apr 20

The Devil’s Panties

There aren’t many comics (that I read) that are a slice of life. Something like Misfile might come close, I suppose, but more often than not I’m into the more surreal fantasies. I suppose that’s why I like The Devil’s Panties. It takes a twisty and surreal look into the life of a young lady writing a web-comic. Despite the surreal elements to this (like Jesus Christ and the Devil regularly chatting with Jennie, often the comic seems like this is just a slice of the real Jennie’s life. Continue reading