Jun 15

General Protection Fault

This review is a month in coming, and I must apologize for the delay. I first had an urge to review General Protection Fault after this strip, as I rather enjoy the game Fluxx (in fact, I have a Fluxx deck on my desk in front of me, just begging me to find some poor victims to play it with…) but realized that I really should read the archives before writing the review. That took several days, and since then I’ve been waiting for the right strip to arrive and catch my interest again. Continue reading

Apr 18

Alpha Shade

I came across Alpha Shade when reading Feeding Snarky on Comixpedia; it looked interesting enough, with a strange bird-creature lying on top of a person drawing in a book, and a simple enough caption about a girl keeping her friends together while the world changed in one night. I then proceeded to devour it in the next hour, amazed by the graphics and the intense storyline. This was not a web-comic. This was a graphic novel, given page by page on the net. Continue reading