May 20

Clan of the Cats

It’s been close to two years since Jamie Robertson started the very ambitious Clan of the Cats storyline “Vengeance of Dracula” (which I think eclipses even Maritza Campos’s DunDun Island storyline for sheer length of time elapsed). As would be expected with a story about Dracula, it’s fairly serious more often than not, though some moments (such as when Chelsea is taking a bath and talking to Jubal’s soul, which is currently within her) have been very touching. Continue reading

Apr 29

Clan of the Cats

It can be difficult jumping into a comic when it’s in the middle of an epic storyline. Especially one that has been running as many years as Clan of the Cats has been. I mean, you ask yourself where you should jump in: at the beginning of the epic story? At the start of the comic itself? Either can be a daunting task especially if you’re unsure if you’ll be interested in the comic or not. Continue reading

Apr 24

El Goonish Shive

Early on, El Goonish Shive introduced the “Transformation Gun”, which allowed the wielder to turn someone into a guy, girl, furry, whatever. This has often been used for amusing effect in various storylines, to the point that one person described … Continue reading

Apr 23

A Distant Faith: Demonology 101

Well, as I mentioned in an above tangent, Faith Hicks wrote an absolutely wonderful and fantastic comic called Demonology 101. It was about this girl who was half-demon, who’d just entered high school… and then got swept up into a … Continue reading

Apr 22

El Goonish Shive

I’ve been a fan of El Goonish Shive since before it joined Keenspot. Hell, I was part of a vocal group who pestered Gav until it was Spotted, though I suspect Keenspot was keeping its eye on this fantastic and imaginative comic, and that the fanbase were only fanning the flames. And it’s a very twisty and insane comic, with shapeshifting squirrel-girls, magical girls (several of those!), a gun that can change peoples genders, and an innocent sense of fun that emerges from the shadow of a high-school environment. It’s changed, of course, since I started reading. Originally it was a news-strip format, but after several intensive storylines, he changed to a half-page format. Continue reading

Apr 21


I was dragged screaming and kicking into reading PvP. Then again, I was dragged screaming and kicking into reading Sluggy Freelance (which I no longer read, due to an inane storyline followed by a complete change of venue that has lasted for months now). Basically, my roommate and I came to an agreement. He’d read several webcomics that I enjoy (such as College Roomies from Hell and occasionally Clan of the Cats) and I’d read PvP. Mostly, it was due to the fact he’d read the updates on my computer so PvP was there… and he’d find it funny and try to get me to read it. Continue reading

Apr 21

College Roomies from Hell

Today’s College Roomies from Hell is a nice role reversal for Dave and Margaret. On two different occasions fans have seen Margaret watching over Dave in a hospital bed. Now it was Dave’s turn… and it was most touching, whether you consider Dave and Margaret to be friends… or are among a vocal group of fans who insist that Dave and Margaret are meant for each other (romantically). Continue reading

Apr 20


Every so often a comic comes along that just blurs the lines of reality and insanity. Framed!!! was quite good at this, with its story sneaking up on the reader and then pouncing like a big slobbering puppy dog all happy to meet you. Alice also worked well with this, merging the innocent fantasies of a 13 year old girl with the mundane and boring world around her. Narbonic walked down the path of science and turned it crazy and sexy with Helen Narbon and her zany crew. And then… there is Girly. Continue reading

Apr 19

Webcomic Commentary – Cameos

Cameos. They’ve been around almost as long as webcomics have been. It’s like cartoonists have an inherent need to borrow each other’s characters for a quick peek in the other strips. This is more often found in gag-a-day strips rather … Continue reading

Apr 19

Sebo’s Kitty Club

Sebo’s Kitty Klub almost sounds like it’s a paramilitary organization dedicated to Clan of the Cats magical feline Sebo’s will. Which, if he had a paramilitary organization, would be to feed him Salmon Croquettes whenever he wished. But then again, Sebo’s a cat. A magical cat, but still very much a cat. (Yes, I’m tangenting on cats again. Hey, I’m planning on using kittens as the mascot critters of the website, so why not?) I’ve been reading Sebo and enjoying the wallpapers (latest one out is on my computer as we speak!) and weekly comic strip for seven months now and enjoying every moment of it. Continue reading