Zombies Calling

Zombies CallingZombies Calling is a lighthearted poke at the traditional Zombie Infestation movies everywhere. Done by the esteemed Faith Erin Hicks (of Demonology 101 fame, as well as the MT comic Ice), this comic pokes fun at that grand old tradition: zombie movies.

Ever wonder why the heroines go around in 3-inch stilleto heels when facing off against Zombies? Look no further than here. (Damn but those heels can be deadly!) Or how these women just suddenly pick up these uber fighting skills? Well… that is also explained.

Of course, the one problem with this comic (other than the fact Faith has gone on a hiatus for a bit – fortunately the comic was at the perfect stopping point so it doesn’t lose anything (outside of you wanting more!) is that if this were true, then why did so many people die in the remake of Dawn of the Dead? Then again, these Zombies seem to be walking dead, not disease-carrying vectors, so maybe that has something to do with it.

In any event, go and read Zombies Calling. And then relax, because if any Zombies come knocking at your door… you’ll instinctively know what to do. ;)

Addendum note: While the original short comic is still available online, Hicks went on to create a graphic novel for Zombies Calling which can be purchased through Amazon.com or ordered through your local comic book shop.

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