Sebo’s Kitty Club

sekk01Sebo’s Kitty Klub almost sounds like it’s a paramilitary organization dedicated to Clan of the Cats magical feline Sebo’s will. Which, if he had a paramilitary organization, would be to feed him Salmon Croquettes whenever he wished. But then again, Sebo’s a cat. A magical cat, but still very much a cat. (Yes, I’m tangenting on cats again. Hey, I’m planning on using kittens as the mascot critters of the website, so why not?) I’ve been reading Sebo and enjoying the wallpapers (latest one out is on my computer as we speak!) and weekly comic strip for seven months now and enjoying every moment of it.

I wonder at times just what the state of the SKK is. Jamie needed 200 members in order to keep CotC solvent… and he got that. But I wonder if it’s stayed at 200, if it dips down at times, or what. Sebo is only available for subscribers, though a sample strip is available for general amusement. I do wonder at times if the first month’s strips might be better put on-line to draw in more people… similar to the Modern Tales model (though with MT, it’s 10% of the comics can be available for free, as well as the latest strip). But then you’re left wondering just how big a sampling should be available. Still, it’s definitely worth subscribing to, especially to help a cartoonist in need out. For some examples among Clan of the Cats strips (which are free to read, thanks to Keenspot’s archival policy), try the following storylines (each consisting of around a week’s worth of strips):

And enjoy!

Addendum Note: The older archives of the donation strip Sebo are now available free for your enjoyment. The most recent comics are behind a subscription window, and as it’s helping out someone in need, it’s worth the $25 a year.

Addendum Note 2: While I plan on leaving most of these older posts unchanged, I did tighten up the paragraphs of this review. I probably won’t do this to many of the reviews… but in this case, the old version was choppy and not well-written. If anyone really insists, I’ll show the original in the Comments field. But considering the strip is over three and a half years old… there’s no real point.

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