pvp20050421aI was dragged screaming and kicking into reading PvP. Then again, I was dragged screaming and kicking into reading Sluggy Freelance (which I no longer read, due to an inane storyline followed by a complete change of venue that has lasted for months now). Basically, my roommate and I came to an agreement. He’d read several webcomics that I enjoy (such as College Roomies from Hell and occasionally Clan of the Cats) and I’d read PvP. Mostly, it was due to the fact he’d read the updates on my computer so PvP was there… and he’d find it funny and try to get me to read it.

Eventually it worked. And while I might disagree with Scott Kurtz’s opinions on Keenspot and certain other things… well, the man knows how to draw an amusing and interesting comic strip. Which brings you to Thursday’s PvP. The Miranda plot had seemingly been shelved for a while. Miranda was working in Max’s shop (sort of the evil opposite to Jade, her sister) and had little opportunity to stress out Brent with her evil plan to seduce him away from Jade. So her appearance out of the blue was a bit of a surprise yesterday, as was today’s update as well.

We catch Brent and Jade on the tale-end of an argument about Brent “cupping Miranda’s breast” and with no real knowledge of what Jade had accused him of. It’s easy enough to understand, though, even without hearing each word of the argument. The masterstroke, of course, is the final panel. Just about any guy out there knows what it’s like to accidentally catch a feel of a girl’s breast, whether it’s from catching the girl when she trips or tickling her ribs or even just rough-housing around. And despite Brent’s devotion to Jade and knowledge of Miranda’s motives… he can’t help but remember what it felt like to be holding Miranda, and feeling that breast in his hand. Most funny. And most real. Congratulations, Scott, you continue to excel.

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