Clan of the Cats

It’s been close to two years since Jamie Robertson started the very ambitious Clan of the Cats storyline “Vengeance of Dracula” (which I think eclipses even Maritza Campos’s DunDun Island storyline for sheer length of time elapsed). As would be expected with a story about Dracula, it’s fairly serious more often than not, though some moments (such as when Chelsea is taking a bath and talking to Jubal’s soul, which is currently within her) have been very touching.

But moments of humor have been less forthcoming. Think of it: we have Dracula, who in this world is damned by God to be a Vampire and who has thus declared war on the Church and on humanity, having been resurrected. The only people opposing him are a barely-trained girl with great potential and an ancient Vampire who has admitted that she loves Dracula. This doesn’t exactly give us to moments of hilarity.

The thing is, constant horror is deadening. Eventually it isn’t scary. Thus you need moments of levity to remind us of what we’re fighting for, and that even when things are at their darkest, we can still laugh. Not to mention the fact that the night is ever so darker when you have light to contrast it to.

So we have this old man (I say old because he’d have to have some years on him to actually know Dracula, seeing that Vlad had been imprisoned for quite a few years) being approached by a couple of Dracula’s vampires… and he portals one of them into a volcano.

This is of course amusing because the vampire in question blithely discounted this old man because “all he can do is portal things.” Hey, at least his companion was smart enough to realize how dangerous that could be.

Okay, so the old man is going to help Dracula, and probably teleport Vlad’s little undead army over to go after Chelsea… and things are going to get pretty dire pretty quickly. I’m not stupid. (Quiet, you in the back there!) But this was a nice little repast from the sheer delicious drama we’ve been immersed in for far too long. Especially with the sorcerer’s last words… “We can add volcanoes to the list of things that can kill a vampire. Who knew? Heh.”

Well, I guess he did…

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