Clan of the Cats

It can be difficult jumping into a comic when it’s in the middle of an epic storyline. Especially one that has been running as many years as Clan of the Cats has been. I mean, you ask yourself where you should jump in: at the beginning of the epic story? At the start of the comic itself? Either can be a daunting task especially if you’re unsure if you’ll be interested in the comic or not.

But this is, to me, what CotC is about. Chelsea’s love for Jubal is something that has built from near the beginning of the series. Theirs was a history that started before the comic… with a relationship that floundered when Chelsea fled north to New York City… and yet was strong enough that it could survive that time of absence… and become something greater.

However, even with Chelsea holding Jubal’s soul within her, while she searches for his body, her own fears are a part of her. The Chattan Curse has also been one of the founding parts of the comic, something that the reader’s understanding of has grown even as Chelsea’s has. We too wonder if her recent actions, her recent desire to strike forth on her own, is due to the curse… or the growth of Chelsea as a person.

Well, if you want a one-page glance at what makes CotC so good… then read tonight’s comic. And if you want a fairly short story that sums up CotC fairly quickly and enjoyably… then check out Snow, a fun little tale of what happens when a witch wants it to snow… and the consequences behind every spell. (Or… was it just coincidence? You decide.)

Addendum: Jamie Robertson agrees that Snow is an excellent comic storyline to start with, but also suggested Magic as another excellent start-point, especially as the Dracula story will soon be touching upon a couple of elements of this story.

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