A Distant Faith: Demonology 101

Cover art for Demonology 101 mini-story

Cover art for Demonology 101 mini-story

Well, as I mentioned in an above tangent, Faith Hicks wrote an absolutely wonderful and fantastic comic called Demonology 101. It was about this girl who was half-demon, who’d just entered high school… and then got swept up into a strange and disturbing journey. Unlike other demons, she was not evil. She was just a teenage girl… who had pointed ears, red eyes, and some unrealized gifts.

Hicks went on to tell Raven’s story with five separate stories. She even went back and redrew the first story because she didn’t like the artwork (boy do I understand that feeling… but the thing is, her artwork’s pretty good. At least what I’ve seen of it. Me, I hid the original Tangents and am not taking them out. Not for almost anything) and then… during the fifth story, she told us fans that she was not going to do a sixth one. Not about Raven at least. Raven’s story was done… there were no more real adventures for her to go on, no need for her to. And while, as a writer, I suspect Raven might sneak out again, and as a fan I would love to see more stories of Raven and her friends and family… well, I respect Hicks’ decision.

Instead, she decided to tell a story of a character who became rather popular, despite the fact he started out as an antagonist. This was the story that was hinted at and mentioned piecemeal during the rest of Raven’s story… the story of Saches, who was the Principal at Raven’s school, and the “caretaker” of Raven’s primary antagonist in the first story.

Hicks does a spectacular job in A Distant Faith. The black-and-white art is stark and fits the story so well… a story of good and evil. Of choices. And of a damnation much greater than just selling your soul… of a sacrifice for something you love, something so great that… can you imagine what it is like, to continue, those you loved dead for centuries? And we have hints of his story during Demonology 101… but here… it is so fresh and sad… and yet uplifting and glorious.

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